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Kayak on water

Ad Photo on River iPhone

Some of the best photos I’ve ever taken have happened suddenly.  Sometimes I’m on a shoot on location with all of my equipment and a plan to get the perfect image.  But sometimes, I’ll find myself in a situation where a scene presents itself that just communicates a feeling or an idea.  This photo is...
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football team during national anthem

Ready to Play..

One of my favorite photos. This image was captured at the beginning of a big game.  Sometimes we wait for the action and miss some of the foundational shots like this.  
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Football receiver

Golden Hour Football

Shooting under the lights can be tough sometimes, but games earlier in the season when the light is still around for the first part of the game are the best games to shoot hands down.  You’ll get at least a full quarter of great light that will produce more great shots in that short time...
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Pioneer home

Pioneer Home at Harrisburg

This is another one of those “I have to stop and take” photos.  An old pioneer home in Harrisburg near Silver Reef in Southern Utah.
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View of Zion National Park

Zion National Park – at 55 MPH

Sometimes you see a great scene and want to stop to shoot it, but don’t have the time or the cooperation of the driver.  I took this out the passenger window at 55 mph when we just didn’t have time to stop.  This was with a low end camera and a good lens.    
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About Me

About Me
I am a former owner and founder of an Anti-Terrorist, Cargo Tracking Software company for airlines.

I have spent my career leveraging marketing, technology & psychologyto promote high-end services.

For the last 13 years I have focused my work on Business Development for Residential Treatment Centers, and Global Product Development.

Essential Books

80/20 Sales and Marketing Book Cover
80/20 Sales and Marketing
August 3, 2019
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Trust Me I’m Lying – Confessions of a Media Manipulator
July 30, 2019
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Blue Ocean Strategy
June 6, 2019

What They Say

“He rebranded our company, fixed our marketing, and got us noticed and absorbed by an Italian manufacturer. He knows his stuff.”
– Ray Lopez, Blackhawk Armory

“As a direct result of Dane’s insights and intuition we are generating an additional $350,000 per year that we would have never seen.” – Joel Bauer

“I’ve worked Dane on several of my projects over the past 15 years and can confidently say he knows how to compete in tough markets.” – Martin Howey

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