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What I Do and Why

Dane's Story

I came from a background in promoting businesses in tough markets. I am the former owner and founder of an anti-terrorist, cargo tracking software company for airlines. 

I have spent my career leveraging marketing, technology, and psychology through digital marketing to promote high-cost, high impact products, and services.

Throughout my career, I have brought companies from the brink of disaster to sought-after market leaders. I have worked with companies from Fortune 500 giants to small, mom and pop businesses, but I prefer working with smaller more entrepreneurial clients.

In the financial crisis of 2007-08, I began working with Residential Treatment Centers who were crippled at the loss of loan availability for their clients – forced to market to private-pay admissions instead.

Background 36 Industries

Expert in Competitive Markets

I’ve brought companies in some of the toughest markets from the brink of disaster to market leaders. In the financial crisis of 2007-08 I began working with Residential Treatment Centers who were crippled at the loss of previously available loans – forced to market towards private-pay instead.

Marketing, Technology & Psychology

Telling a Better Story Online

I use technology and psychology to market high-end Products & services by telling a better story online.  By streamlining and reducing, getting more sales by doing what matters consistently – not chasing every new shiny object.

Learned On My Own Dime - Not Yours

Over 30 Years, 36 Industries

Others have never spent a single dime on their own marketing.   Techies trying to promote in tough markets, Residential Treatment Centers or High-End Products have NEVER SEEN $80,000, let alone have the ability to SELL an $80,000+ program or product consistently.

My Areas of Expertise

Business Development & Marketing for Residential Treatment Centers - Global Product Development

13 Years Advising Residential Treatment Centers, Schools and Programs

Business Development, Marketing & Reputation Management

Residential Treatment Center Marketing

A business development, marketing, advertising, sales, and promotion system exclusively for Residential Treatment Centers and Programs

In 2007 I began working with Residential Treatment Centers who were beginning to feel the downturn of the economy.  At that time loans for behavioral healthcare were widely available for parents seeking treatment for their child.  By 2008, the availability of behavioral healthcare loans dried up and so did the admissions the treatment centers relied upon – leaving the difficult private-pay as their only source of admissions.

Over the past 17 years I have uesd marketing, technology and psychology to market Residential Treatment Centers by telling a better story online and showing the magic that happens in their programs every day.  By streamlining and reducing, getting more admissions by doing less – doing what matters consistently – not chasing every new shiny object or endless new “ideas”.



We help American brands find quality manufacturers for their products, inventions, and prototypes in the East Asian market.

We help Asian manufacturers sell their own brands and products in American markets, online, and direct distribution channels.

We take products to the next level. Whether established, struggling or a just an idea, we help people with ideas and products make their dreams a reality. 

A Skilled International Team

Six Countries - Five Continents - World-Wide Results

My team has been with me for over 20 years. 

A skilled group of experts in technology, psychology, advertising, design, security, and reputation countermeasures – together we’ve accomplished amazing things.

If You've Tried Everything Else - And You're Not Where You Want to Be, I Can Help.

Every Project I am Involved in Donates a Percentage to Support Charity Water

Experienced in Bringing Products to the Global Market

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